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Published on April 1st, 2013 | by Jacob Cutler


Welcome To The Moot Report

Welcome to The Moot Report, where nobody is an expert and we often have very little idea what we’re talking about. We usually end up with more questions than answers and none of us take ourselves too seriously. So that’s worth something, right?

Episode 1: “Nerds”

Guest: Josh (@jashcats)

“What is a nerd and do you like them?”

A discussion about what we mean when we call people nerds, call people cool or call people losers. Also, a very honest analysis of where we fit in to all of that.

Episode 2: “Holidays”

Guests: Bryce (@Enslow4) & Harper (@Harpey7)

“Do you believe in holidays?”

A pleasant argument about which holidays should be thoroughly celebrated, how far that celebration should go, why celebrating things is the best, as well as a proposition for a new holiday or two.

Episode 3: “Crying”

Guests: Caitlyn (@CaitlynCutler), Justin (@CJCutler3) & Josh (@jashcats)

“How often do you cry?”

We talk about how often we cry, what types of things make us cry and what our crying is like when we do it. Although we’re talking about crying, we actually end up laughing most the time.

Episode 4: “Horror Movies”

Guests: Josh (@jashcats)

“Do you like horror movies?”

Josh talks about the last scary movie he watched and then we try to figure out why these movies are appealing and why people like to feel scared.

Episode 5: “Birthday Posts”

Guests: Harper (@Harpey7) & Bryce (@Enslow4)

“Do you wish people ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook?”

We discuss which people we choose to wish a ‘Happy Birthday” to on Facebook, which ones we don’t, and then we argue with Harper about how thoroughly a birthday should be celebrated.

Episode 6: “Robots”

Guests: Josh (@jashcats) & Justin (@CJCutler3)

“If you were a robot, would you want to know?”

The brothers discuss a hypothetical situation and end up delving into what makes a robot a robot, a human a human, and which would ultimately be better. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as serious as it sounds.

Episode 7: “Substitute Teachers”

Guests: Bryce (@Enslow4) & Jimmy

“What do you think of substitute teachers?”

We discuss what it’s like to substitute teach, how strange little kids are, how middle school is a hell hole, whether teachers are justified in claiming they’re underpaid and a bunch of other schoolyard topics.

Episode 8: “Actors”

Guests: Josh (@jashcats) & Harper (@Harper_Inc)

“If your live were a movie, who would you want to play the lead role?”

We talk about actors, doppelgangers, which portion of our adult lives would make for the best movie plot and whether or not our lives would even be worth making into a movie.

Episode 9: “Hygiene”

Guests: Chase (@31Chaser) & Jimmy

“What are your highest priority areas of hygiene?”

We get into hand-washing, pillowcases, walking around barefoot, sweating, food preparation, public restrooms and some other stuff. Jimmy is a germaphobe, as it turns out.

Episode 10: “Zombies, Dinosaurs”

Guests: Jimmy, Bryce (@Enslow4), Ryan (@dudestroute)

“How would you defend yourself against zombies?”

Ryan claims he could beat us all in a fight to the death with a samurai sword, Bryce says he would just knock us down his stairs and Jimmy thinks he could train a saber tooth tiger and velociraptor to act as his guard dogs. Yeah, this one gets away from us a bit.

Episode 11: “Restaurants”

Guests: Jimmy, Bryce (@Enslow4), Ryan (@dudestroute)

“Which fast food restaurant is the king of fast food restaurants?”

We discuss which restaurants are the best and in the process Bryce defends Dairy Queen, Jimmy explains why other patrons keep him from eating at certain restaurants and Ryan decides he bases his opinion of a restaurant on how much he would hate working there. Jimmy also treats us to a magnificent tangent on Rancheritos and the nitty gritty of drug dealing.

About the Author

is a filmmaker, writer and the co-editor-in-chief of The Orphanage: A Rejection Letter Magazine. He has had creative work published by Esquire, Iron Horse Literary Review, Epiphany Magazine and Inscape: A Journal of Literature and Art. Other than that stuff, he does some substitute teaching and manages a band called The National Parks.

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