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REVIEW: Man of Steel

July 5th, 2013 | by Jordan Petersen

Man of Steel could have been the best Superman movie ever made. And maybe it was, considering the competition and how visually stunning it was

CLASSIC REVIEW: The Tree of Life

April 29th, 2013 | by Jordan Petersen

The Tree of Life is not a movie — at least, not in the traditional sense. We think of movies as having a beginning, a middle, an end. We do not think of poetic cinema.

SOUND Oscar Predictions 2013

February 21st, 2013 | by Jordan Schwarzenberger

This year's Academy Awards are fast approaching, and as the build up and excitement ensues, I've compiled a list of my 2013 Oscar predictions. Find out who we think will be taking home the main awards.

12 Best Movies of 2012 Oscars Edition

February 20th, 2013 | by Jordan Petersen

It's safe to say that 2012 was a great year for movies. And with the Academy Awards fast approaching, here are the best movies of 2012 (and some honorable mentions)

REVIEW: Zero Dark Thirty

January 11th, 2013 | by William Sime

Perhaps the most “American” film of the year, Zero Dark Thirty might also be the most perplexing, as it manages to be both a subtle and satisfying experience and one of the year's best movies

REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man

July 25th, 2012 | by Jordan Petersen

In our accelerated era of smart phones, social networks and lightning fast news, we're not too surprised the Spider-Man franchise has been rebooted just one decade after its initial creation. We are surprised, however, that's it's quite good


July 11th, 2012 | by Jordan Petersen

The kernel of the story is all about a mother-daughter relationship, and the basic conceit — a daughter accidentally turns her mom into a bear — is unexpected and quite touching. Again, lots of potential here. But almost all of it was left on the table

REVIEW: Moonrise Kingdom

July 2nd, 2012 | by Jordan Petersen

Oh, Wes Anderson. That was my three-word review, and I’m not sure how much else is needed. Or, somewhat more appropriately, shut up, Wes Anderson

REVIEW: Prometheus

June 21st, 2012 | by Jordan Petersen

This film was epically gorgeous in every detail, from the rich, forbidding alien world to the quite believable futuristic human technology, to the strange and stunning alien technology. This, friends, is great sci-fi.

REVIEW: Snow White and the Hunstman

June 12th, 2012 | by Jordan Petersen

This summer’s second (and less cringe-inducing) retelling of the classic fairytale turns out to be a pretty remarkable study in the unearned

REVIEW: The Avengers

May 15th, 2012 | by Jordan Petersen

I've been afraid for a while that summer movies were devolving into a series of increasingly empty excuses to showcase supermodels and explosions. However, The Avengers marks the return of the true summer blockbuster.

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