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Ask Amanda: Summer Style

June 28th, 2012 | by Amanda Taylor

Summer hits and I shed layers like a spastic snake because, honestly, I think I’m cold-blooded and my body cannot regulate its temperature worth a darn and I’m looking around for inspiration for my summer wardrobe. And where do I find it

Much More Than Simply Pottermore

May 22nd, 2012 | by Merrill Simpson

I am not ashamed for the following act: I have joined Pottermore. And yes, I am wearing fuzzy slippers and a smoking jacket. Are you jealous yet

Ask Amanda: You’re A Big Kid Now

March 8th, 2012 | by Amanda Taylor

Put your hoodies and sneakers away, guys. If you’re not sure how to start dressing like a grown-up, I've got just what you need. You’ll even take yourself more seriously

Ask Amanda: Of Baseball Caps and Men

January 4th, 2012 | by Amanda Taylor

I’m so jealous of girls who look sexy in baseball caps. You know the type? They’re running late so they thrown on a pair of jeans, a white v-neck and tuck a ponytail through that little hole (what's that hole really for?) in the back of the baseball cap that represents their devotion to some sports team

Ask Amanda: The Thing About Movie Trailers

December 20th, 2011 | by Amanda Taylor

My ultimate dream would be to have a movie trailer made of my life. Important characters showcased, perfect music chosen, impressive shots of me smiling with sun flares in the background. With great hair, of course

Ask Amanda: The Travails of Tide Dye

October 24th, 2011 | by Amanda Taylor

I’ve survived almost two months on arguably the worst-dressed campus in America. But of all the horrible combinations, do you know what I see the most? Tie-dye

The Sanguinarian Next Door: The Truth About Real Vampires

October 6th, 2011 | by Kristin Clift

I found myself in a large Radisson hotel conference room at 11 p.m., intently listening to the emotional and spiritual benefits of drinking blood. Everyone told me not to go alone. But there I was, alone, in a room full of real vampires

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