About Us

Launched in Spring 2011, SOUND Online Magazine is dedicated to discovery by its very design, bringing you the best in music to fill your yearning iPods and hearts — with a dash of culture and style, of course.

Consisting of a diverse melting pot of contributors and sonic selection, SOUND is all about tapping into the online community of musicians and music-lovers alike – no more being out of the loop. In an exploding information age and shifting musical landscape, we provide you with unique, hand-crafted playlists, daily tracks, impressive downloads, mind-blowing videos and well-written articles, chock full of know-how and wit.

As Scottish writer/historian Thomas Carlyle once penned, “All deep things are song. It seems somehow the very central essence of us, song … See deep enough, and you see musically; the heart of Nature being everywhere music, if you can only reach it.”

Anyone who truly appreciates music enjoys a wide variety of sound and we deliver – from old school funk to the latest indie affair, all tapping into your inner sense of rhythm, melody and flow. Our goal is for you to discover a new favorite song, band or, if nothing else, a gateway into a personally unexplored facet of music.

Read. Listen. Discover. This is SOUND.


Chase Larson | Editor-in-chief
Randall Castillo | Managing editor
Kathy Hopkinson | Copy Editor
Jordan Petersen | Film critic
Hunter Schwarz | Contributor
Jordan Schwarzenberger | Contributor
Jim Dalrymple | Contributor
Mikey Geurts | Contributor
John Asante | Contributor
Lauren Laws | Contributor
Amanda Taylor | Style

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